Limax.io GamePlay:

Among the waves of IO games flooding the internet and online friv Games, Limax.io is a hyper-aggressive game that you must play if you love this genre of game. Here, you control a small slug to go around the map and try to collect as many orbs as possible. As you eat orbs, you grow bigger and bigger. The bigger you grow, the faster you dash. And your ultimate goal is to reach the top of the leaderboard.

At first, your slug is small and weak. You have to be careful and just stay focused on eating to grow faster. Eat a lot of food and you will rank up. Do not care about other rivals. You even don’t have to kill other slugs to reach the top. You just need to eat and eat. Unlike other IO games that you may have played at https://friv.land/ in which the big ones can defeat the smaller ones easily, here, even you are a small one, you can eliminate the bigger ones if you’re smart enough.

To kill other slugs, you need to fool your opponents to cross the trail that you leave behind. The trail you leave on the ground refers to traps. You have to speed up to lay a trap. Speed up can help you kill other players and escape from enemies. However, there is a price that you have to pay. When you start speeding, you sap your mass and you will find yourself getting small.

So, just speed up when you lay traps or run away from enemies. Have a great time here and make sure you check out other fun games such as Wormate Sweetness and DinosaurStorm.io.

Instructions: Mouse to play, left mouse to speed up.

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