DinosaurStorm.io GamePlay:

You may have played several games where you hunt dinosaurs at friv Games 2021. Now, it’s time for dinosaurs to take revenge. Play as a dinosaur in DinosaurStorm.io, you will hunt humans and compete against other dinosaurs controlled by online players to destroy the whole city. You won’t cooperate with other dinosaurs to sweep humans out of this world. Instead, you race to become the biggest, strongest dinosaur ever. You eat humans in the city to level up and grow up.

You destroy the buildings to seek for humans. As you level up, you can hunt the smaller dinosaurs. Kill dinosaurs help you level up faster. A match lasts for a certain amount of time. When time runs out, the number 1 player is the winner. By winning a match, you get the biggest reward which is money to upgrade your dinosaur’s stats including ATK, movement speed, and level up to speed. Upgrading is essential. This brings to you some advantages when the match starts.

You will have a better start and get a high chance to win, to conquer the leaderboard. In short, this game has the same rule and gameplay as many IO games at https://friv.land/. The bigger ones can eat the little ones. Just follow this rule and you will survive. Stay away from the bigger ones and chase the smaller ones. By destroying the buildings, you can find more humans to get fed. Don’t forget to spin the lucky spin to get rewards which can be coins or skins for your dinosaur.

Also, you can watch an ad video to double the coins or unlock a new skin. Release your rampage and show that you are the strongest one. Have fun and give the following options to play: Crash of Cars.io and Race.io.

Controls: Move by using your mouse.

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