Sewage GamePlay:

Bob will go down to the sewers and look for the treasure that it’s rumored it’s buried somewhere in the sewers. So, do you want to join Bob? Work together to discover the sewers and get treasure home. That is what you will do in Sewage at friv 2. Before you start, you should know that this adventure game is insanely challenging. Bob has only 100 health points. He will lose some HP when he gets shot and he will lose his life when he falls down the poison. If Bob runs out of HP, Bob will return to the previous level.

As you go deeper into the sewers, you will face more deadly obstacles. You don’t have a specific requirement for each level. However, you should pick up all golden coins and items, and go ahead until you and Bob get what you guys are looking for. Coins are used to upgrade HP, Speed, and Jump in the shop. Do not rush but you have to make sure that every move you take is accurate. You don’t want to lose any precious HP, do you? Try your best to jump over the obstacles and keep Bob safe from the attacks of deadly obstacles. Besides, don’t forget to embark on a new journey in other Friv land adventure games such as Farmer Challenge Party and Junior Apple.

This game is all about jumping and the main reason causing Bob to die is because he falls down the poison. Do you see something that looks like a green light but it’s suddenly turned red? It means it’s about to shoot at you. You can jump over the bullets to avoid losing HP. Break a leg and find out what is waiting for both of you at the end of the adventure.


WASD or arrow keys.

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