Gold Mine Strike GamePlay:

Forget about the classic and old-fashion gold mine games, it’s time for something new and unique. Gold Mine Strike is a gold mining game with some Minecraft elements in which you will mine and keep mining to get rich. Here at friv 2020 , you won’t drop the claw to collect golds as usual but stay in the cart and throw axes to the groups of more than 2 blocks of the same kind. The game offers Classic Modes and Arcade Modes.

In Classic Modes, the column of different kinds of block stay still. It just makes one step when you can’t find any group of the same block available. Each level requires you to destroy a certain number of blocks. If the block reaches you while the mission is incomplete, you lose. In the Arcade mode, you also have to mine and meet the requirement of each level. However, the columns of the different blocks here move constantly. So, players must finish the mission before they come close to you over time.

On friv for school, your main objective is still to collect a certain number of columns on each level. Each mode gives a different experience to ensure you have hours of fun. Besides, you can earn some power-ups during the playing process will enhance your progress. Just aim and throw your pickaxes and collect golds, diamonds, and ores. How far can you go in this mining adventure? Refresh your memory of the old version of the gold mining game with this one and let’s find out which one is better. Remember that there are many choices of the game available on our site in addition to this game. Try out Castle Puzzle and Blocksbuster

Controls: Use your left-click to throw pickaxes.

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