Surgical Strike GamePlay:

“We were brothers until they backstabbed us again and again. They killed our trooped by infiltration. We are handcuffed due to polices. But it’s enough now. It’s our time now. We have to answer them, in their own language”. As its story, Surgical Strike is a war game where 2 countries conflict with each other.

Nobody gives up, so war broke out. At game friv, you must fight for your country, bring the victory and respect for your nation. Hordes of enemies are continuously coming. Use your advanced weapons to sweep them out of your territories. On http://friv.land/, you have 6 weapons to use to kill your enemies, from guns to grenades. This is a interesting clicker game so you have to click on the enemies to kill them.

Depended on the number of enemies, you choose the right weapons to deal will. As each time you click, you can only kill a single enemy. So if they are two crowed, you can use other weapons with powerful damages like grenades or bombers. These weapons will kill a group of enemies at the same time. In the map, you have to eliminate the invaders in 5 locations.

If a soldier of the opposing country step their foot into your land, you lose. So stop them at all cost before they take your country. How many enemies can you kill? Improve your hand speed and win the battles. Good luck. Enjoy more fun in other choices of games such as Merge Star and Break The Rock. They won’t let you down.

Controls: Use your left click to attack your enemies.

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