Merge Grabber GamePlay:

Merge Grabber is a fun casual game about running and merging. However, instead of merging numbers or identical items, you will merge soldiers to build a strong team to defeat enemies waiting for you at the end of the runway. Your character auto-runs toward and shoots at the target. You will meet some guys on the road. Shoot at them to team up with them. These guys have a number and the bigger number, the stronger they are. When they join your team, they will auto-merge into each other.

The boss has the biggest number. But don’t worry. If you have a strong team, you can defeat the bosses in a blink. However, to make it, you shouldn’t leave anyone behind. Grab them all to have as strong a team as possible. The more team members you have, the stronger the firepower. In this Frivland game, you will die because of two reasons. Firstly, you bump into one of the guys or obstacles on the road. Secondly, you don’t have enough firepower to deal with bosses. As a result, you will be killed.

A level is clear when you defeat 2 bosses. After that, you move to the next level, and like other level-based games out there, as you advance, things become more challenging. More obstacles are placed there to stop you. More deadly traps are ready to take your life. Stronger bosses await you at the end of the runway. Make sure you’re always ready to deal with those challenges. Have a safe run and don’t forget to check out other amazing games at . You can browse through our game catalog or search by keyword, or enjoy the following options Hasbulla Running Adventure and Hammer Raytrace 3D.

Instructions: Mouse.

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