Metal Army War 3 GamePlay:

Meta Army War is back to https://friv.land/ with a new sequel named Metal Army War 3. In this action-packed shooter game, you will assist our heroes on a new mission. Our heroes are on their vacation but apparently, they get a clue about their past enemy. You are here to help them to investigate and bring peace to this land once again. So, this game offers 2 game modes including 1-player and 2-player modes.

It means you can do the mission alone or with one of your friends on the same device. Your ultimate objective is to help them defeat enemies, rescue innocent people and reach the door to move to the next stage. You don’t have to kill every single enemy or collect every single coin at all.

You just need to move ahead, save innocent people and run straight to the door. In this friv games, you can pick up weapons on the way and switch weapons whenever you want. Besides, on your side, you also have droids. Team up with them to fight against advanced enemies, drones, cannons, AI assistants, and so on.

Watch out for mines and attacks from enemies. If you get hit, you will lose some HP, but don’t worry because your health will recover when you pick up the red potions. Of course, you will find it harder to clear the mission. There is something more challenging waiting for you at later levels. Take action and play smartly to advance. Make use of what you have to progress and nothing can stop your way. Have fun and enjoy other games such as  ReCoil and Pacman Adventure.

Instructions: Player 1 uses WASD to move, C to attack (hold C longer for the powerful hit), V for a grenade, Q-E to switch weapons, and Q+E for a special attack. Player 2 uses arrow keys to move, L to attack (hold L longer for the powerful hit), K for a grenade, O-P to switch weapons, and O+P for a special attack.