Pacman Adventure GamePlay:

There are so many versions of Pacman Classic and Pacman Adventure is one of them. This game has come to https://friv.land/. that welcomes all players to join the dot-collecting adventure with Pacman. Its gameplay is the same as the classic title. Your main objective is to lead Pacman to move around the maze to collect every single dot and you have to make sure that Pacman is safe from all the monsters in the maze.

Those monsters will chase Pacman. If one of them catches Pacman, you have to restart the game. You earn points for each dot you collect. Besides those tiny dots, there are also fruits to collect and those fruits give you a huge bonus. Instead of 4 energizers in the original version, you can see 4 hearts here. Once you eat a heart in this friv games, all the monsters will turn blue for a limited time and, they will run away from you.

Don’t miss any chance to chase them and eat them to earn bonuses. Once you eat a monster, it will respawn and chase you. Try to clean the dots in small areas. This makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. If you keep moving through the maze and leave scattered dots behind, you will have to return to collect them at some point.

Basically, this version has nothing different compared to the famous title except for the hearts will replace the energizer. However, you are sure to have a great gaming time when you experience this option. Each time you play this game, you will have a way to collect the dots more effectively. Have fun and check out other amazing games such as Gift Express and Home Adventure .

How to play: Mouse or arrow keys.

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