Scrap Metal 2 GamePlay:

Can you go far in Scrap Metal 2 of Friv.land? If you are a sports car lover, you will be into this game. Everything changes out of the blue. Keep your life and boast about abilities. Races and tests are waiting for you. Scrap Metal 2 game warms the cockles of players’ heart in juegos frit. Feel the max velocity.


Scrap Metal 2 free game takes you to a vast area where you show driving skills and defeating opponents. You see a large valley and high mountains surround you. You are one out of eight cars. Cars have own name. Cars have different colors and designs at juegos frit game.  They are white, black, yellow, red, and blue. Some car combines 2 colors. They are sports cars which can reach max speed.


Eight cars stand in one line. The great thing about the game is that you are able to create challenges. You click on types of obstacles and put them on the ground. Obstacles are gigantic tubes, spouts, slides, huge balls, walls, bridges, and all that jazz. You even put some persons on the ground. You can change and design new obstructions. Start the race on juegos frit online game. You control eight cars. Test their endurance. Are they strong? Will they be damaged?


Go in tubes, make drifts, jump high or speed up. Don’t crash into pedestrians. Don’t bump into obstacles. You drive upside down in the spouts. If you cannot keep balance, you will fall and the car will be destroyed. They are crooked and deformed. You always know the status of each car on the screen.


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  • Use the mouse and arrows to play.
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