Mini Farm GamePlay:

If you get tired of living in a busy city, then be back to the peaceful countryside and live the life of a farmer. Mini Farm is here for you at https://friv.land/. You are brought to a small island where you will build your own farm here. Just use your very first number of coins to buy a piece of land, then raise chickens, feed them, when they grow up, hurry up to harvest, then sell chickens to earn coins. With coins, you can buy more land, and unlock warehouses to store your products.

After that, you can raise pigs, rabbits, geese, and other animals. When you expand your farm, you can’t manage and run it by yourself. Then, you need to hire some workers to help you take care of the farm. Don’t forget to upgrade your warehouses to increase their storage capacity and upgrade workers to make them work faster and more effectively.

Hiring workers doesn’t mean you can rest. You still have to work to manage your farm. You have to sell your products when the warehouses are filled up. Here at friv land, besides raising different animals, you also can harvest honey, pick apples and sell recycled products.

Every single day is a busy and hard-working day. However, you will find happiness while working. Just running around the farm can make you happy. To go to any spot of your farm faster, you can click on the map on the left side of the screen and click on that spot to teleport there. Enjoy a life of a farmer and don’t forget to check out other experiences in other amazing games such as Gun Fest and Rainbow Monster Playtime 3D.

Instructions: Mouse.