Jumping Squid Game GamePlay:

Jumping Squid Game is an endless runner game designed with a simple concept. You lead a character from Squid Game to jump to the highest. There are so many games that have a simple to play but hard to master gameplay at Friv platform games and if you have tried several options, you are sure to master this one. Here, your main mission is to help a Squid Game character jump from the platform to platform without falling.

Your ultimate goal is to get the highest score and set a record that is hardly broken. Just simple like that but not many players get a high score. A little mistake that you make by accident on the way can ruin all the work you create. In the beginning, nothing is challenging. You can easily take your character high without any obstacles. However, just a few moments later, you will face many obstacles placed there to make it difficult for you to go up. You need to take action preciously and carefully.

So many games at Friv Land have such gameplay like this one and all you need to reach your goal is accuracy. You are not limited by time or move. Unlike other games where you jump in place for a long time, that platform will disappear, here, you can jump in place for a long time without penalty. Once your character falls, he can’t land on the below platform but fall all way down.

There are 3 available characters for you to choose from. You can pick one of them without spending any money. Enjoy your jumping journey and embark on new adventures in other games such as Harvy Runner and Among As Running

How to play: Arrow keys to jump.