Spider Man Warrior GamePlay:

Spider-Man is one of the most favorite heroes of many people around the world. Inspired by this character, many games are created but not every game is great to play. However, you are sure to find something awesome at Friv Land such as Spider Man Warrior. Here, you play as Spider-Man who is dealing with a giant monster. This monster keeps throwing cans on you from afar and comes close to you to attack. You can easily block its attack and fight back by using your spider web.

Aim and launch your spider web on the upcoming cans to block them and on the monster to kill it. This monster moves around, so it’s not easy for you to lock the target. It also can block your attack. Your ultimate objective is to finish this monster as fast as possible. You have 120 seconds to get your job done. This amount of time is also your score. The sooner you kill the monster, the more score you get at the end. The game ends when you die or the monster is dead.

On https://friv.land/, with the simple control mechanism, players of all ages can enjoy this game, even kids. Kids will love this game for sure. Who doesn’t like Spider-Man? Simple but challenging yet, as soon as you can aim accurately, you can kill the monster before being killed. That’s the point. You won’t run out of spider web, so just keep shooting. The more you shoot, the higher the chance of hitting the target.

How much time do you need to finish the monster off? Check it out. Besides, don’t forget to explore other choices of games such as  Power Rangers Kill Space Zombies.

Controls: Aim and launch the spider web by using your mouse.

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