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Knife Ninja proves you are an ingenuity of throwing sharp weapons. Enter Friv.land to experience creepy minutes. You just shoot knives, but that isn’t an easy task. How can you accomplish the mission? Knife Ninja game of friv games com is surely diverting and exciting. Express the eagerness and passion.


Knife Ninja free game is a fun game. You are a knife shooter. You throw blades like a ninja. Show your skill and talent. You will have to finish all levels. You explore by yourself to find out the number of levels. You must face them one by one. To unlock level 2, you win level 1. You begin with the level 1. You are provided 9 knives to shoot. The target at friv games com player is a big ripe tomato. There are two small apples and two knives which stick to the tomato.


You shoot 9 knives at the tomato to complete level 1. You can shoot at two apples, but you mustn’t throw blades at two knives. You shoot at empty parts. If two knives meet, you lose the game at once. The tomato will rotate in clockwise and anticlockwise direction. It rotates at normal speed sometimes. However, it can speed up. You cannot guess its speed on friv games com online.


If you lose the game, you can restart or exit. If you restart, you have to begin from the level 1. Although you are at level 8, you must begin from level 1 if you lose the game. The target of stages is different. They are tomato, orange, watermelon, turtle, basketball, coke can, lifebuoy, clock, speaker, pizza, and so on. The key to success is that you have to regulate the moment and the strength you shoot.


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  • Use the mouse to play.
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