Noob Platform Adventure GamePlay:

Noob Platform Adventure is an incredibly entertaining thrilling experience that you're able to play here on Friv minecraft online unblocked games. Noob never ceases to amaze one another, and the hero realized an unusual location in the large expanses of Minecraft. This is a moving platform that is continually increasing. In order to satisfy his curiosity, the hero managed to climb on one of the platforms, which shipped him there or something higher; a little further and he will keep flying in an uncoordinated manner.

Noob is absolutely petrified and seeks your additional help in Noob Platform Adventure. The goal of the game is to stay alive for as long as possible. Jump from platform to platform, going to collect food while wanting to avoid the top and bottom of something like the stage. You will receive experience, while Noob will avoid the horrendous fate of being overwhelmed to who knows where. Have a great weekend playing!

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Use the mouse or tap to play.