Noob Shooter Zombie GamePlay:

Noob Shooter Zombie is an amazing combination of an endless runner game and a shooter game in which you play as Noob and your main objective is to run as long as you can while trying to kill as many zombies as possible. You will find some features of those two genres of games here. Here at Friv action games, your character will auto-run ahead and you control it to jump to the left or right and attack the target in front of your eyes. Your gun will run out of bullets soon. Then, you will switch to a sword to slash zombies. You can pick up bullets and new weapons by breaking the boxes. If you find yourself unable to kill any zombies, you should jump into another lane to avoid them.

With each kill, you will earn coins, and coins are used to unlock new maps. The game offers 8 maps in total and each map will give you a different experience. Each map features different obstacles and new kinds of zombies. The more expensive the map, the more challenging you will experience.

As you advance on a map, you will face more zombies. With guns, you can attack zombies from afar. However, with the sword, you have to wait until you get close to the object to attack. It means it’s much safer if you have a gun in your hands. That’s why you shouldn’t miss any boxes while running forward. With a sword, if you miss the right moment to attack, you will be bitten by zombies. Time your action to stay safe. Good luck and besides this Friv.land shooter game, you can challenge yourself with other choices such as Zombie Area and Crazy Pixel Apocalypse 4.



WASD to move and mouse to attack.

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