Zombie Area GamePlay:

Zombies are rising and they are about to turn all humans into walking dead. You are one of the few survivors. You lock yourself in your house with the hope that zombies can’t hurt you. You can be safe in daylight. However, when the sun sets, it’s the best time for zombies to come out from the darkness and look for food. They are approaching your house and you are being surrounded. Your ultimate goal at friv online games. is to survive as long as you can.

To reach that goal, you have to shoot down zombies when they try to break into your house. You have to kill them before they break the door and enter your house. Each night, you have to kill a certain number of zombies. At first, zombies come one by one. Later on, several zombies come at once and the door can’t handle their attack. Once they break into your house, you can’t run away. Besides, your house doesn’t have only one door. They have to run around those doors and kill zombies. Try your best to stay safe and explore other cool Frivland shooter games such as Zombie Mission 12 and Zombie Massacre.

When you finish the current mission and move to a new area, you will get a new gun. This gun is better but it needs time to reload. When that gun runs out of bullets, you can switch to another gun. If you fail in the current area, you will have to return to the first area and start over. As you advance, you will get other power-ups such as med-kit or bombs. These items are useful. You can take advantage of them to keep yourself safe.

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Use MOUSE to play the game.