NoobWars GamePlay:

You may meet Steve and Alex in several games at friv.land/kids-games. They love exploring new places and they always go on adventures together. This time, they stay at home and come up with something fun to kill time. Do you want to join them? They are playing the crate-throwing game. Alex is standing in his front yard and Steve is standing in his front yard. They take turns throwing crates at each other. The play who runs out of HP first will lose the game. Here, you play as Steve and your opponent is Alex who can be controlled by the CPU if you choose to play Player vs Computer game mode or your friend if you play in Player vs Player game mode.

As mentioned previously, your target is Alex and your main objective is to defeat him by throwing crates. To have a successful throw, you have to watch out for the wind and the right force to throw the crate. Wind affects your throws. So, you have to adjust the throwing force based on the wind. Its gameplay is interesting and simple, isn’t it? The controls are also easy. You just need to tap or click and hold your hand to gain force, then leave your hand to throw. It’s a turn-based battle; therefore, you guys will take a turn attacking your opponent.

You can also make use of 3 power-ups to attack more effectively. Start battling against CPU or friend now and have a great gaming time here. If you are looking for more amazing games like that, Sling Tomb 2D and Rainbow Friends Survival are two options that you should try. Besides, when you visit our site each day, you are welcomed with new additions. Every single game here is hand-picked. Have fun!

How to play: Player 1 uses E and player 2 uses O to throw.

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