Papa Cherry Saga GamePlay:

Chocolate, cakes, biscuits, marshmallows, gingerbread, donuts and so many types of the sweet stuff are waiting for you to enjoy in a great match-3 puzzle game called Papa Cherry Saga. Like other choices of the same genre at Friv Land, this game has the familiar gameplay as you switch and match more than 3 identical items to finish a certain level and unlock the next one. However, the special of this game is its visuals, various gameplay elements, and different missions. You also have a certain number of moves to reach the requirement on each level.

Sometimes, you have to collect a certain ingredient. Sometimes, you have to rescue someone, break something, and more. You will not be alone during the mission. Papa Cherry needs your help to collect some special ingredients but he also gives you aid. On https://friv.land/, you can create a striped item when you match 4 identical items. And these striped items will remove all items in a row or a column when you make a group of more than 3 items of the same type with them.

With 5 identical are matched, you get a rainbow bomb. Swap the rainbow bomb with any adjacent items to activate it. You even can combine 2 special items and something magical will appear. Try it. Besides those power-ups, you also unlock some useful items as you level up such as the glove clears any item without spending a move or the rolling pin clears one row or column of items.

More interesting secrets will be revealed as you go deeper into the game. So make sure you don’t give up halfway. Bon Appetite and explore something new in other choices of games such as Pirate Adventure and Golden Scarabaeus.


Use your mouse to swap and match items.

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