Punch Boxing Championship GamePlay:

The perfect game for the professional boxers online has just been added to the new collection in Friv online. Are you ready for the most intense boxing game that will give you an adrenaline rush? This is the game which will push you to your limit to become the next world champion. Players will get to fight against the toughest fighters on the ranking list. It's the only way to get the belt and the title of the strongest boxer.

When you enter the friv for free game, there will be a detailed tutorial on the control keys and the rules of the game. You can control your character and make him punch, block, and dodge the attacks. However, since there are many keys, you might need a while to remember and master all of them. When you are confident with your skills, enter a real battle to test your ability! A lot of modes are available for you to explore such as Quick mode, Tournament and Career Mode.

Within the Tournament, you can choose from Amateur, Super six world, Underdog, and Heavyweight. For each winning round, you will earn money to upgrade your punches and buy awesome combos. A tip for the new players is that you can increase your stamina by blocking your opponent's punches. Join the championship to knock out some opponents at http://friv.land. If you want to play more, try out some games like Tower Defense and Battle Simulator


Use Q, W, E, T, Y, U, I to punch and attack, S to dodge, D to block.

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