Biscuit Man Papa GamePlay:

Biscuit Man Papa takes you to a sweet world of biscuits and candies at Friv.land. Focus on falling cute biscuits and put them into the same color boxes. Check your responding ability. It’s not easy to win the game. Biscuit Man Papa game exhilarates you and removes all bad feelings in friv games online. Why don’t we get started?

The Biscuit Man Papa is a matching game for free. You will play on a board which has chocolate-like color. 4 boxes are put in the bottom. They are green, yellow, brown and purple. We will drop biscuits off from above. There are 4 kinds of cookies with 4 separate colors. They are green, yellow, brown and purple too. The green biscuits are mushrooms. The purple ones are round heads wearing glasses on friv game com. The brown ones are pirate heads. The yellow ones are gingerbread men. Your task is to match the crackers with the right boxes. Drag green biscuits to the right column and let them drop in the green box, for instance.  

There are 12 levels to pass. The target of each level is different. The targets increase continually. You must achieve the targets to unlock following stages. Play levels one by one. For example, to complete level 1, players have to get 100 points in on friv cooking game. To open level 3, you need to have 200 points. If you want to play level 4, you must gain 300 points in level 3.  You must achieve the targets to unlock following stages.

Each exact match brings you 50 points. If any biscuit falls down on the wrong box, the game will be over. Don’t worry! You can begin again immediately. We don’t apply the limited time. Therefore, you play until you die. Try to extend the time as long as possible. You may pause the game whenever you want.

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Use the mouse to play.

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