Angry Tower GamePlay:

After years of fighting against green pigs, angry birds want to rest and relieve stress by playing games. They will play stacking up and they want to invite you to play with them. Here in Angry Tower at https://friv.land/, your mission is to stack up tons of angry bird blocks and your main objective is to build the highest tower of angry bird blocks ever. It seems to be easy and simple but when you get to the world, you know it’s insanely hard soon.

Each time, a bird will fly across the screen, you have to time your tap or click to make the birds land on top of each other. The landing position of the first bird is important. You can choose to make it land in the left, right, or the center of the screen. The next birds will land at that position and the difference is the next bird will sit on the top of the previous bird.

Timing your action is the key to building the highest tower. If the next bird drifts to the right or left of where it should be, it will be difficult for you to balance the tower. One more important thing you should remember while stacking up birds in this friv land.com game is that if a bird flies across the screen and you miss the moment to drop it, you lose. That is one of two reasons that make the game ends. Another one is the tower falls.

Be quick and accurate in action and you will build the highest tower of birds in the world. Enjoy more exciting games such as Spiderman Hero Creator and Long Neck Run.

How to play: Click or tap.

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