Tronbot GamePlay:

You play too many racing games, puzzle games, or shooting games, don’t you? Do you want to play something classic but still fun? Welcome to Tronbot at friv Games free. Here, you accompany a mechatronics robot on an exciting and challenging adventure. This robot needs to collect as many battery cells as possible to charge up and go straight to the exit to unlock it and escape. A level is complete when the robot reaches the exit.

There are only 8 levels. However, it’s enough to make you sweat a lot in the process of carrying out your mission. Besides, the challenging level increases as you proceed. The way from the starting point to the endpoint is full of obstacles. These obstacles can make the robot out of function. Tronbot has 5 lives for 8 levels and you can’t earn more lives for your robot. Not only deadly traps take your life.

You are threatened by enemies as well. However, different from other platformer games that you may have played at https://friv.land/ in which you can have weapons to defeat enemies, here, the only way to stay safe from enemies is to jump over them, don’t touch them. Jumping over enemies or traps isn’t simple. You have to time your action. Just a small mistake and you waste one life. Carefulness and ingenuity are what you need in this game. You don't have to rush in every action.

Act slowly but decisively. Pass 8 levels and tell us about your feeling. Do you have any difficulties while handling those challenges? Do you want to test yourself in other challenges? If your answer is yes, then here are some suggestions for you: Angry Tower and Spiderman Hero Creator.

Controls: Touch, mouse, WASD, or arrow keys.

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