PillowBattle.io GamePlay:

Do you want to join a battle without hurting everyone? An intense but friendly battle is waiting for you in PillowBattle.io at Games of friv. As its name, you will use a pillow to defeat other online players in each battle. It’s a multiplayer online IO game but unlike other choices in which you normally collect food to grow up and rule the battlefield, there is only one pillow and you have to quickly pick up this pillow and use it to hit the nearby opponent.

Each time you throw the pillow to an enemy, if you miss, the pillow will appear once again in a random position and if you hit the enemy, you get point. On https://friv.land/, interestingly, you not only have to run faster towards the pillow than other players and then attack them or you have to quickly run away if you don’t want to get hit. You just have only one chance in each match. You won’t respawn or have any boosters. Win or lose, it depends on how you play. You can use bookshelf, sofa, and furniture as a cover to hide and to avoid getting hit.

Combine defend and attack to bring out the best result. Feel the intensity of the battle and the joy as well. The more players eliminated the more intense the game. Try to survive to the last minutes of the match and then become the last man standing. Play several times and see how many wins you get. Be ready because you fight against the real players around the world.

Enjoy every moment here as always and make sure you check out other options available on our site such as Bump.io and Shootup.io.


Mouse to move and click to attack.

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