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Push the boxes into the correct positions to solve more than 70 challenges in scenarios filled with interactive objects such as tornadoes, portals, one-way passages, locks and keys, blocks, and barriers to make the puzzles even more difficult. Box Box at Friv online is a puzzle solving game inspired by the classics Sokoban and Box World, with stages made up of different mechanics and interactions between objects that will test your brain while having fun and exercising your logical reasoning.

The game mechanics go far beyond simply pushing boxes, necessitating interaction with the scenario to remove barriers, open a path, and discover new ways to reach the desired location, even if there is no obvious way, resulting in surprising dynamics and increasingly difficult stages. The game's difficulty increases over time, requiring more and more reasoning, logic, and puzzle-solving skills. The following interactions are available in the scenario:

1. Push the boxes to the indicated location; you can only push one box at a time.

2. Tornado It pulls objects on top of itself and can be used to move boxes in previously impossible directions.

3. One-way passage Allows the player and other objects to move only in the direction indicated by the arrow. One-way pass has a variant that changes the allowable direction of movement every time the player passes through it.

4. Lock/padlock Prevents the player and any other object in the scene from passing until it is unlocked with the key.

5. Key Unlocks the lock/padlock, allowing access to other parts of the scene. The key, like the Box, must be skillfully pushed to the desired location.

6. Hole In the scenario, the holes act as barriers that prevent the player from passing until they are covered by another object; however, if you push a box into a hole, you will no longer be able to retrieve it.

7. Blocks Blocks have a box-like behavior and can be used by the player to aid in puzzle solving. Blocks can be used to cover other objects in the scene, such as tornadoes and holes, allowing the player and boxes to move more freely.

8. Portal A portal is a magical object that can teleport the player and other objects from one location to another. Portals are always connected, so there is always a round-trip through them. Portals are necessary for solving puzzles where there is no direct path in the scene but the solution is possible by teleporting to another location. As a player, your goal is to solve all of the puzzles and move the boxes to the designated locations, gradually progressing to the most difficult stages. Are you ready to have some fun while exercising your brain and solving puzzles? So let's get started! If you enjoy solving puzzles, this game is for you!

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Use the Arrow Keys / WASD to movement

R to Restart current stage

ENTER to go to next stage (after stage complete)

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