Puppet Wresting GamePlay:

Puppet Wresting is a simple cool fighting game at Friv.land. This game will give you happy moments. The free Puppet Wrestling game is a good choice to kick back after work. It is not too difficult to play in Friv 2 player game therefore, it can help you relax effectively. Don’t hesitate to enjoy the gripping matches!

Puppet Wrestling game totally attracts you for sure. This is an antagonistic two-player game. There are two wooden puppets which fight against each other in the arena. Each player must control a puppet. You can choose the right puppet or the left one. It depends on you. You also decide the end score. For instance, you choose 5 as the end score on friv player 2 game. It means that the match will finish when a player gets 5 scores. It seems so easy.

Your mission is to defeat your opponent. If you are the first player getting the end score, you will win the match. You have to attack your rival at all cost. Two small puppets are attached together by their hands. You have to beat your opponent at free game friv 2 so that its head is cut out of its body. Try your best!

The scores of two players will be shown on the screen. As a result, you know the situation of the matches and adopt effective strategies to hit your opposer. Bonuses including slow motion and upside down screen often appear during the match of friv2 online game. You should make use of them to fight against the competitor.

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How to play:

If you are the right player, you will use W A D to control your puppet. If you are the left player, you will use arrows to guide your puppet. 

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