Red Us 3 GamePlay:

The red imposter is waiting for you to join him in his third adventure. Are you excited? Red Us 3 is available at friv school Games to play now. What more are you waiting for? Get ready and start jumping and running around with our little impostor. Your main objective here is the same as in previous installments. It’s to run towards the red flag at the end of each level. All you need to do to achieve that goal is to jump your way through so many gaps and obstacles before you can reach that flag.

It is important to overcome all challenges to be careful with each move you make. It’s more exciting when you run at a high speed but it’s more dangerous. It makes you lose your life easier. And keep in mind that you have only one life but don’t worry, if you die, you just have to the level that you fail. Unlike other games featuring coins as the currency for players to buy items, purchase upgrades, and so on at friv 5.

Coins still exist in this game but it doesn’t serve as currency. You can collect coins or not. This game doesn’t require you to collect coins to finish a level. As long as you reach the flag, that level is done. However, coins are your points; therefore, just collect them if you don’t mind. When it comes to enemies, they won’t get hurt when you touch them, just you get damaged.

Jumping on their heads is the only way to kill enemies that you have. If you can’t manage to kill them that way, just jump over them and leave them to stay alive. Have fun and stay tuned for other adventures. Besides, don’t forget to check out other games such as Red Us 2 and Aloo 2.


WASD or arrow keys.

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