Rabbit Run Adventure GamePlay:

Playing endless runner games is never bored. Each endless runner game that you play at friv play. will never let your down. They have the same gameplay but offer different gaming features and experiences. Rabbit Run Aventure is a new addition to our endless runner game list. You will meet a cute rabbit and embark on an endless running adventure with it. What is your main goal? It is to get as many scores as you can.

You will get scores based on how long you survive. You have 3 hearts and each time you stumble and fall or hit one of the obstacles along the way, you lose one. When you lose 1 heart, you have to start from the starting line but your score won’t reset. Only when you run out of 3 hearts, your score resets to zero and you want to try to set a new record.

On https://friv.land/, it’s not easy to control your rabbit because it auto-runs forward. You have to jump over the gaps, traps and slide through a series of obstacles. You have to do two actions quite often. Yes, you don’t have time to rest. Besides, as you progress, you meet more deadly obstacles in your journey. Collect stars give you extra points. It looks so simple and easy but in fact, it’s extremely challenging. It seems that your bunny is not good at keep balance because it’s easy to stumble and fall.

To avoid those accidents, you have to time each jump and slide. Take action at the right moment is the key to this game. Keep it in your mind. Enjoy your day and check out other fun options such as Save The Rag Doll and Fireboy Watergirl In Zombies World.

How to play: Up/down arrow keys to mouse to play.

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