Real Boxing Fighting Game GamePlay:

Are you finding a fighting and boxing simulator game at friv.land to enjoy in your spare time? Real Boxing Fighting Game must be what you’re looking for. It’s epic, exciting, and challenging. There are 9 levels and 4 difficulties. You have to win at the current level to move to the next round. You should play the Easy mode first to get familiar with the gameplay and control mechanics. After, you can challenge yourself with other difficulties. So, to win, you have to punch, kick and use different combos to make your opponent run out of HP. When you almost run out of HP, you can switch to your second boxer. Yes, you can bring 2 wrestlers to a round and switch them whenever you want. As mentioned previously, you can use combos to K.O your rival.

The game offers 18 combos in total including Necklock Facebuster, Skypowerbomb, Facebuster Punch, Neckcrasker, Neckbreaker, and more. However, they are not available at first. You have to finish a certain level to unlock them. Make use of those combos to beat your rival faster. As you level up, you face a more experienced rival who has higher stamina. The higher his stamina, the harder to beat him. Your stamina also changes with each level. However, low stamina doesn’t mean that you are weak. By making use of those combos and attacking at the right time, you can win.

You can choose 4 combos from the available ones before starting a round. Go ahead and break a leg! Enjoy every single moment here and in other cool Frivland action games such as Mexican Wrestler Superstars and Slap Face.


WASD to move and mouse to punch/hit/use combos.