Regular Agents 2 GamePlay:

There are many challenging games out there and at Friv Land. Those games test your skills and patience. They can boost your desire to conquer challenges or make you freak out and give up after a few minutes. Regular Agents 2 is such a game. This is the second sequel of the great platformer game called Regular Agents. It puts you on an extremely challenging mission. Will you stop trying when facing a little difficulty or manage to overcome it?

Let’s start doing a mission with the agent hedgehog and agent jay. So here, you will help 2 agents come to the exit to move to the next mission. Both of them need to reach the exit. You can control 2 agents or play this game with one of your friends. Each of you controls a character.

On https://friv.land/, to finish each level, you have to meet 2 requirements. Firstly, as mentioned above, agent hedgehog and agent jay needs to reach the exit. Secondly, the agent hedgehog has to collect all red gems and agent jay has to collect every single green gem. You can’t leave any gems behind. Otherwise, you have to go back and pick up them. The challenge of this game is that in a tight space, you have to jump over the lakes and reach higher places. It’s not easy to do. Because even one character stays in front of the exit but another one dies on the way, your mission fails. You have to have another try.

Each character has only one life. You may spend much time playing at a certain level. Let’s see how you can find the solution to help two agents. Enjoy this game and other fun games such as Power Ranger Run Fast - Escape Zombies and Hand Spinner.


WASD and Arrow keys to play.

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