Angry Ninjas GamePlay:

Angry Ninjas is a fun ninja version of Angry Birds that you can find and play at friv com Games play. The gameplay is the same but the story is different. Hordes of rampant pirates approach your island intending to take over it. You have to team up with angry ninjas to defeat them before it’s too late. Don’t let your enemies reach their goals. You guys have to stop them at all costs. Angry ninjas are ready for the fight. What about you?

So, in this addictive hyper casual arcade shooter game, your ultimate goal is to kill all pirates in each level with a given number of angry ninjas. You use a slingshot to launch each angry ninja at the targets and defeat them. Make sure with each shot, you can kill at least one enemy because the angry ninjas are limited. Use as few angry ninjas as possible to get 3 stars in each level. When you launch all angry ninjas and succeed in defeating all enemies, you will get 1 star.

Here at https://friv.land/, you need only 1 star to finish the current level and open the next one. Currently, there are 4 worlds in the game and each world consists of 10 levels. By conquering the current world, you can unlock the next one. Of course, as you advance, the game becomes more difficult. The pirates become smarter and you will find it harder to kill them.

Your enemies will hide in the strong structures and you have to break those structures before attacking your enemies. Sometimes, destroying the structures can take your enemies’ life. Good luck and have fun in other games such as Green Bit Escape and Talking Tom Match3.

Instructions: Mouse.

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