Relics of the Fallen GamePlay:

If you are looking for a turn-based dungeon crawler card game, then Relics of the Fallen is a must-played game that you can enjoy for free at Friv Land. Your main objective is to kill a boss and its minions in each dungeon. Choose your favorite character with unique skills.

If you choose, you have 1 passive skill and 3 active skills: Mana Siphon gives you 1 mana whenever you kill a monster; Fireball deals 2 damages to the monster; Magic Shield gives you a magic shield.; and Firestorm deals 8 damage to 5 random monsters. If you choose Grant, you also have 1 passive skill and 3 active skills: Sword Mastery keeps your ATK always 2; Vigorous Dash allows you to dash to the side of the board, dealing 3 damage to cards that you pass through; Empower gives you 2 ATK, and Mighty Swing deals 5 extra damage to adjacent cards when you swing your sword.

On https://friv.land/, you need to spend mana to use 3 active skills and you can earn mana by killing monsters. You also collect useful items and relics that help you recover your health or deal more damage to enemies. However, you also get damage by enemies and traps throughout your journey. Save your mana to use them when you face the boss. Each boss is much more powerful than minions. So you should save mana and HP to the last phase of the game. The more you play, the more you get used to the different cards and interesting mechanics of the game.

It's hard to explain what you should do. By playing, you will learn about it by yourself. Have fun and make sure you have a look at other games such as Jump Box Ninja and Tap Clapp.

How to play:

Click or tap to play.

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