Monsters Attack Among Us Squad GamePlay:

Monsters Attack Impostor Squad is the latest shooter game about Among Us characters at friv adventure. This time, the impostor squad is under the attack of a monster squad. You are on the impostor squad’s side and you need to help them defeat enemies. Here, you control a squad of 3 impostors and you have to kill all enemies in each level to clear the current mission and move to the next one. To be precise, in a team of 3 members, you directly control only one character to move and shoot at the targets.

The other two characters will automatically attack the enemies. And the special thing is that you can switch back and forth between 3 characters and any characters in the team dies don’t affect 100% of the result of a battle. With only one character and a smart attack tactic, you can win over your enemies. Each hero in your team has different stats and you can upgrade those stats with coins collected in the battle. Because they have different strengths, you should change heroes in suitable moments to make use of them.

This Friv Land game has 18 levels with increasing difficulty levels. Later on, you will face 3 different monsters. They are bosses and it’s much harder to kill them than their minions. That’s why you should upgrade your heroes whenever you have enough coins. This is a unique shooter game that will bring you a different gaming experience compared to other options of the same genre. It’s too heavy in terms of gameplay but it’s insanely enjoyable.

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C to change hero, arrow keys to move, Z to attack, X to use special ability.