Ronaldo Kick N Run GamePlay:

Ronaldo Kick N Run is the latest endless runner game at https://friv.land/. It’s quite different from other options not only because it features our superstar Ronaldo but also a twist in gameplay. Let’s play and discover those differences by yourself. Play Ronaldo, your ultimate goal is nothing except for running as far as you can. To run to the furthest, you have to go through a lot of challenges and obstacles.

You run through a subway will so many barriers and dangers. You have to move among 2 lanes to avoid those obstacles and collect coins as well as power-ups such as magnets that suck many coins at the same time, coin bags, shields, and more. Those special items will be ineffective after a few seconds. However, if you can make use of them, you will get something awesome that you have to spend much time earning when you don’t have those boosters.

While running on the subway in this cool friv for school unblocked game, do you see some targets? Don’t worry they won’t block you if you destroy jump. Time your jump to break them and keep running forwards. Not only obstacles are placed there to stop you but also so many soccer players from the opposing teams. You don’t want to stop this running journey too soon, do you? Then manage to move flexibly to avoid crashing into obstacles.

Remember that you can’t slow down or speed up. You can only slide under or jump over the obstacles, and move to the left or right to avoid dangers. Right after you hit an obstacle, you have to start a new round. Break your leg and enjoy your time with other fun games such as Freaky Monster Rush and Poppy Playtime Hugie.

Controls: Mouse.

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