Samurai Fighter GamePlay:

If you haven’t played Street Fighter, you immerse yourself in the epic fight that Samurai Fighter brings to you. Here at Friv Land, you’re one of the most potential samurai who is pursuing great ideals. One of them is to become the best samurai ever. To fulfill this dream, you have to defeat every single enemy that you meet. You start with choosing one of two available characters, Arashin and Bei.

Each of them has different stats about HP, damage, and speed. Let’s have a look at these stats before you choose your favorite character. After that, you are ready to fight. Teach your enemies a lesson and make them regret dealing with you by using your kungfu moves. Attack faster than your enemies and keep kick, punch them until they fall and can’t stand up. Because you face many enemies at once, you should keep attacking. Stop and your enemies will take the chance to hit you. Don’t worry, you can block the attack.

On https://friv.land/, you not only use your fist to know out enemies but also use weapons that you pick up from them. When enemies appear, you approach them close enough to start attacking. They come from behind you as well. Then, manage to defend yourself if you don’t want to lose any HP. Once you kill all enemies in the current stage, you move to the next stage with a full HP bar. As you advance, everything becomes more challenging but you don’t have any upgrades to increase your strength. Quick response and action are the key points to win.

It’s fine to lose because, from failure, you will learn something useful and make use of that to become better. Enjoy it and have fun with other games such as Armored Blasters and Endless Siege


WASD to move, Z and X to attack, C to block the attack, Spacebar to jump, Z to pick up a weapon.

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