Armored Blasters GamePlay:

In combat, alone will face many disadvantages. One fights against many are hard to win. However, Armored Blasters brings you to this situation where you have to deal with several enemies at the same time. At Friv Land, if you have a good plan in defending and attacking, you still have a chance to win. In this 2D top-down shooter game, you have to infiltrate the enemy base guarded by many tanks and destroy their power generator at each level. It seems to be an impossible mission but you have to make it possible.

When you attack one of the enemy tanks, other tanks will come and attack you. You have limited HP, so you have to move around or use walls as the cover to avoid being attack. The top view perspective allows you to see the entire battlefield and know where your enemies are right now. On https://friv.land/, to face more challenging missions as you level up, you should buy upgrades to increase your strength. It’s important. In the shop, you have so many options to upgrade your armor, cannon, and so on.

So you may wonder how can you earn money? As you shoot at walls, obstacles on the map, you can collect some coins. Besides, you will be rewarded with money when you win. Spend that money on upgrading. Your enemies also become stronger as you. Sometimes, you may lose several times before you can win. If it’s too easy to defeat enemies, the game is no longer fun, right?

Challenges make the game more engaging. Blast enemy tanks and enjoy the thrilling experience here and in other games such as Endless Siege and Super Star War.

How to play: 1-5 to change weapons, WASD/arrow keys to move, mouse to change direction, and left click to shoot.

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