Stick Fighter 3D GamePlay:

Fighter games are always on the top choices that many players come to Friv Land to find their favorite ones. Our fighter game category just welcomes a new option that you may want to check out. It’s Stick Fighter 3D. You and your opponent are brought to the ring with everyone is cheering around. Don’t let your fans down. Get ready to knock out your opponent with your powerful kicks and punches. Don’t ever stop attacking.

Just let yourself have a rest when your opponent runs out of HP and a message pops up and shows that you are the winner. However, your opponent's skills are the same as yours. If you can’t handle his attacks, you will fall on the ground and lose. The point is you should know how to grab the opportunity to defeat your opponent. Don’t let him have any chance to attack you.

At https://friv.land/, you should perform powerful combos to win easier. In a match, the one who runs out of HP first is the loser. Keep it in your mind to remind yourself not to be distracted for a second because you are in the ring. Interestingly, this game offers 2 game modes for you to choose from. One is 1-player and another is 2-player. In 1-player mode, your opponent is Computer while in 2-player mode, you can play with one of your friends on the same device.

Each of you controls a stickman and fight against each other to find out who is a better fighter. Enjoy every moment here and you will have hours of joy with other choices of games such as Super Stickman Duelist and Mr Stickman.

Controls: Blue player uses WASD to move, F to punch, G to kick and R to use a bonus. Orange player uses arrow keys to move, L to punch, K to kick and O to use a bonus.

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