Save Me Now GamePlay:

The bad guys are hiding in a very heavily guarded building. Your team can’t find any way to go inside. Then, a solution has been given. You eliminate them from the helicopter. That is what you have to do in Save Me Now at Friv Land. So, each level requires you to kill all enemies inside the building. If you complete this mission, you can move to the next levels which are more challenging. You don’t have much time to aim.

You should shoot at the bad guys as soon as they appear in front of your eyes. If you aim for a while, those nasty enemies will attack you first and as a result, you die and the mission fails. Keep in mind that if you give them a chance to shoot at you first, they never miss the shot. The helicopter will fly around the building. When you see an exclamation mark appear on top of the target, that's when you can attack them.

On https://friv.land/, there is no limited time and bullets but timing is the key to win over your enemies. You can’t take action too soon or too late. This leads to an undesirable end. You can also skillfully use the props in the environment to cause greater damage, making many enemies die at the same time. Just because you don't break into buildings, don't get close to enemies doesn't mean you can't kill them, right? Show them you are the best shooter here. Beat each level rewards you with coins. Then, you can use coins to unlock new weapons in the store.

So enjoy your time here and don’t forget to challenge yourself with new missions in some games such as Robot Fighter Epic Battles and Rocket Punch 2 Online.

Instructions: Mouse/left click to aim/shoot.