Secret Sniper Agent 13 GamePlay:

Secret Sniper Agent 13 is a fun 2D shooting game that puts you in the role of a sniper. You are as known as Agent 13 who always take the top-secret missions. On https://friv.land/, you are hired to eliminate all members of a criminal organization. For you, it’s not a challenge, isn’t it?

In every single level in 30 levels in total, you have to shoot at a certain number of black suit men from afar with a specific number of bullets. no matter what part of the enemy's body you shoot, they die. However, it’s better to shoot at their head. It proves your awesome skills as a sniper. You are not limited in time to perform the task. Besides, when your enemies shoot back, you won’t get damaged. The only limitation here is the bullet. If you run out of bullets while an enemy is still alive, your mission fails and you have to do it once again.

It is what you have to do when you get a failure in every game at https://friv.land/. This game is not the exception. With a modern sniper rifle in hand, you easily aim and shoot at the enemy's head. You just need to raise your sniper rifle and get your enemy in the crosshair, then shot. No one can dodge that shot. It’s harder to lock the target when the enemy is moving than the ones who stay still.

Therefore, the headshot is great but you are not required to have a headshot all the time. Just kill all enemies and you can move to a new level. Break a leg and finish your mission in 30 exciting levels. After that, check out and Draw Bullet Master.

How to play: Mouse to aim and left click to shoot.

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