Agent P Rebel Spy GamePlay:

You play as agent P - a bipedal platypus from the famous animated series Phineas and Ferb. You are called to complete an important mission. The empire has built a huge battle station called The Dead Star. They capture all agents in your organization to perform their evil plan. Your mission is to infiltrate it and find all the lost agents. However, it’s a dangerous mission.

This base is huge and guarded by strong normtrooper. You must be careful and stay alert to keep your life safe and complete your mission in Agent P Rebel Spy at friv Games friv. Jump over the dangers, climb to the wall and fight against enemies. You have to deal with a lot of dangerous situation while you have limited blood. Let’s steal a normtrooper’s blaster when you come close enough to them and collect all rebel symbols to earn extra points.

Jump when enemies attack to avoid getting hurt. Make sure you don’t touch the vibro-tuned or you will be zapped. Explore the evil’s base and unfreeze all agents and they will help you unlock doors. The electrostaff will protect you from normtrooper’s blasts. However, you have to drop them to climb the walls on http://friv.land/

The game features 3 levels with different missions for you to conquer. If you die at any moment while doing the mission at a certain level, you will respawn at the latest checkpoint with full blood. Action wisely and good luck. Other adventures are waiting for you in 2 of the best games which are Rummy and Army Combat.

Control: Left/right arrow keys to move, up arrow key to climb and down arrow key to drop the item, spacebar to attack.

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