Draw Bullet Master GamePlay:

Draw Bullet Master is not simply a shooting game but it’s a puzzle game about shooting. If it sounds familiar to you because you have played several options like this games at Friv land and you tend not to play, then no. Give it a try and you soon find the differences. Instead of aiming and shooting the target directly or indirectly, you will draw to shoot.

It means you draw the line and the bullet will move according to the track of that line. Who said bullets only fly in a straight line? This game will prove that those people are wrong. You can draw whatever you want as soon as the enemies will die because of your shot. Draw a curve, a zigzag line, and something like that, and make sure the endpoint is the bad guy.

On https://friv.land/, you are a SWAT who is in charge of rescuing hostages on the rooftop from the terrorists. Then, you have to draw a path to bypass the hostages without going through them. After the line is done, let’s see if you can kill the target. The game offers 10 levels and the challenging level will increase slightly after each stage. You often find that the hostages always cover the terrorists. So if you make mistake while drawing the line, hostages get shoot instead of the terrorists.

At the time, you have to restart that level once again. In this game, you will try to become a master of drawing instead of shooting. Can you complete this mission? Good luck! Finish your job and check out the following options: Zombie Shooter Online and Among Us Commander Shoot Zombies

How to play: Press and hold your mouse to draw.

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