Madman Runner GamePlay:

Why this character in Madman Runner run in the middle of the road instead of the pavement? No one knows and you also don't have to find the answer to that question because your mission right now is to help him survive. At friv Games for boys, you know that road is made for traveling by all vehicles, so if you run or walk in the middle of the road, you may be crashed. It seems that your character had urgent business so he doesn't care about the dangers of waiting for him.

Let's help him survive as long as possible because that is the purpose of this game. So all you need to do here is to jump at the right time to avoid different kinds of dangers such as cars, motorbikes, manholes, explosions, and more. Your character autoruns but he won't auto jumps, so make sure you take action at the right time to save his life.

On https://friv.land/, you have only one life. It means you have only one chance for each game. Once you have a little touch on any obstacles, you die and you have to start from the beginning. Besides, your submission here is to collect coins, although these coins won't be used for anything in this game.

This game is simple but it's a great choice to play online and most importantly, it suits all ages and even kids can play just by clicking or tapping. The challenging part is timing. Timing decides whether you can keep going or not. Try several times and you will be better at timing so that your score also significantly improves. Enjoy and have fun in other games such as Bricks Master and Firefighters Match 3.


Click to jump.

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