CarHit.io GamePlay:

In most games related to cars, you are told to drive carefully and not to cause an accident. However, that is not what you do in Carhit.io – an exciting IO game that you can play for free at Friv Land. Here, your motto should be: Hit hard and fast. Why? Because you are brought to an arena where you face some players and your and their main objective is to become the last car standing.

There are 4 maps and several choices of car. All are available. Then, you can choose your favorite map and car to start. In the battle, you have to hit other cars to push them off the arena. When an opponent is thrown out from the arena by you, your hit power increases. This means you hit harder. To protect yourself, you shouldn’t stay still and don’t come to the edge of the arena. This puts you at risk.

On https://friv.land/, try to move around and stay in the center of the arena. The battle ends when only one car survives. In the arena, you sometimes see some special items. They are Shield and 2X Damage. The shield protects you from opponent’s attacks and 2X Damage doubles your hit power. When each skill is activated, its effect lasts 10 seconds. So, make sure you make use of them well to gain advantages and finish your opponents quickly. Then, it’s all about this game.

It’s simple but fun to play and you are sure to have great gaming time. This is not the only amazing game to play on our site. You can find many such good games here. For example: City Runner - Pixel runner Game Online and BrawlBall.io.

Instructions: Mouse to drive.

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