Sir Bottomtight GamePlay:

Sir Bottomtight is an exciting endless runner combine with an adventure game where you will join Sir Bottomtight in a treasure hunting journey. It doesn’t look like other endless runner games at Friv games. You also run non –stop toward but you don’t change the lanes to avoid obstacles. Instead, you have to run and shoot down monsters to open the way to keep running toward. You should collect as many golden masks as possible. The golden mask is in-game currency.

You can use golden masks to upgrade Better Shot, Double Jump, Idol Magnet, and Survive One Hit. Upgrades are important because you need these stats to run further and survive longer. You automatically run and you can’t stop or slow down. Therefore, you have to get ready to jump over the obstacles and shoot enemies all the time. You have only one life and you also can’t earn more lives during the journey.

In this Friv online game, having said that upgrades are the key because, over time, the journey becomes more challenging, you need better stats to help you deal with dangers easier. More obstacles and enemies appear and try to stop you. Don’t make any of them make your journey end too soon. Be careful every time you jump, because you may encounter flying creatures in the air and die. There is no chance or no way to respawn. This game is both easy and challenging.

You definitely won't have any trouble when it comes to controls and gameplay but since there is only one life to play, you cannot continue your journey if you fall into a bottomless pit or encounter an enemy no matter how far you have run. Have fun and enjoy other games such as Slap Master 3D and Ever Wing.

Instructions: Space to shoot and up arrow key to jump.

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