Super Bino Jump Adventure Jungle Game GamePlay:

Adventure or platformer games have become popular since Super Mario. This popular game becomes an inspiration for game developers to create their own products and you can find many of them on Friv Land. Later games still keep the same gameplay and storyline but have their own unique features. Now, let us introduce to you such a game named Super Bino Jump Adventure Jungle Game.

It’s about Bino Go who will embark on an adventure to rescue the princess and he wants you to join him. He needs a companion to help him overcome threats like enemies, deadly traps, and so on. You will find many features that look alike the ones in Super Mario. You run and jump through various obstacles, break the bricks to get something special, and try to reach the exit to move to the next stage. Your ultimate goal is to reach the final destination in your adventure to rescue the princess.

Unlike many platformer games at friv 10 where your character auto-moves, you control Bino Go fully. You can make him run, jump in the way you like. This makes your gaming experience much better. Your adventure has many stops and each level is one stop. You have only one life in each stage and if you fall or crash into enemies, you die. By leveling up, you step by step to where the princess is being locked and rescue her. This game offers 8 iconic islands and 30 levels in total for you to discover.

Classic gameplay doesn’t make the game old-fashion. You will have hours of joy while adventuring with Bino Go. Have a safe journey and other adventures are waiting for you in some games like Super Martin Princess In Trouble, Junior Apple, Supernoob Prison Easter and Clown Super Mario Adventures.


WASD to move and Space to jump.

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