Punch King GamePlay:

Punch King is an enjoyable and challenging fast-paced action game about Taekwondo or kungfu at https://friv.land. You won’t combat against any players. Instead, your opponent is bugs and insects. Why use kungfu, Taekwondo moves to kill bugs while you can use tools to hit them? Is that a waste of talent? No, it helps you to practice to improve your skills. Your main objective is to kill as many bugs as possible.

Don’t let them bite you. Get bitten by a bug and you’ll be killed. A swarm of bugs will attack you at once instead of one by one. They come from the right and the left side of the screen. So you need to be careful and always ready to punch and kick to eliminate every single bug. Wait for each bug to come close to you and take action. Just consider it as a practice stage. You practice by killing bugs before facing worthy opponents. Immerse yourself in the fast-paced action and endless bug-killing adventure. There is only one possibility. You die or bugs die.

Here at Friv Land, when you are killed by bugs, you have no chance to revive. With a killed bug, you earn points. Try to kill as many bugs as possible to earn as many points as you can. Remember that you are a punch king and no one can stop you to protect that title. Bugs on the left, bugs on the right, bugs at the top, bugs at the bottom, how dare they attack you like this? Show them your power and enjoy this game. Visit our site and have a look at other fun games such as Jump on Jupiter and Squid Game 2D Shooting

Controls: Tap or click to kill bugs.