Rescue The King GamePlay:

Rescue The King is a fun physical-based puzzle game at friv best Games where you will meet the king. The king encounters so many difficulties. Being crushed by his pet - a chubby dragon is one of them. He can’t escape from this sleeping dragon by himself. That’s why you are here to help him. So your main mission is to keep the king safe from every danger. He is not only crushed by a big dragon but also faces many dangers.

In any situation, make sure the king is safe and sound. To handle that dragon, you need to drag the string onto its head to lift it and bring it away. Sometimes, a puzzle can be solved just simple as that but sometimes, you need to observe the layout of different organ scenes to find the solution. Your observation and problem-solving skills will be tested here.

The puzzle becomes harder and harder as you level and you may have to spend much time to clear a level. Unlike other puzzle games at https://friv.land/ that feature hints and tips to help you overcome challenges, this game gives you nothing. It means it’s all up to you to solve the puzzle. Keep in mind that observation and try are everything. Try out a different solution that you can come up with and let’s see which one works.

You can play this game with your friends and you guys will bring out more ideas to clear a level. This game is super addicting and you can find so many choices as enjoyable as this one on our site. Red Us and Rhino Jumping are one of them. Fun!

How to play: Mouse.

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