King Bird Tower Defense GamePlay:

King Bird Tower Defense is a fun and attractive tower defense game in which you have to use a wise strategy and choose the right units to defend your base. Hordes of enemies are coming. They are too crowded but don’t worry because you have tons of units to kill them. They aim to invade your land. You can let it happen. In 10 levels of this game at friv Games for boys, you must build a strong defense team to against these evils.

Along the way that your enemies are approaching, you have some spots where you can place some towers depend on how much money you have. Each unit has a different price and weapon. With each kill, you earn some money. You should expect that the difficulty level of this game will increase as you level up. Later on, you have to deal with more powerful enemies and mighty bosses.

Just buy more units if needed. You should accumulate money for the next level. The amount that you have left after completing this stage will be transferred to the next level on http://friv.land. And on the next level, you may deal with more enemies and powerful monsters, so it’s better to save money and use it on a rainy day.

With simple but challenging gameplay, 2D cute graphics, it suits both adults and kids. Experience this game and you will have a great gaming time that you rarely can find in other choices. If you want to challenge yourself with something harder, let’s play Water Lab and Mr Bullet 2.

Instructions: Use your mouse to place towers.

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