Animal Rescue 3d GamePlay:

After a happy day out, animals need to return farm. Unfortunately, it’s a rush house. They find it hard to cross the road. There are too many cars on the road. Help them reach their farm safely. Animal Rescue 3d is a fun and challenging game including 12 levels. Your mission in each level at friv play Games is to lead them back farm by launching each of them to make animals walk across the road that never runs out of passing vehicles.

This game is easy but requires a bit of time. It doesn’t offer limited time so you can observe carefully before taking action. Click or tap to send animals to another side of the road in time without being crashed. When all the animals come to the farm safely, you will move to the next level. In some levels, you also have to rescue animals are trapped in the case to continue homecoming journey.

As you level up, the game becomes more challenging as the driving speed of vehicles increase. At that moment, you need to be more accurate. Take action slowly to complete the mission. On http://friv.land, to boost your score, let’s master near misses. It means you earn extra score when you are at risk by being close to both the front and the back of passing vehicles. You need to practice more to master this strategy. Beat all 12 fun and challenging levels, then conquer the new game world in Crazy Demolition Derby and Super Car Zombie.

Controls: Click to launch.

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