Speed Traffic GamePlay:

Speed Traffic is an enjoyable car driving game but doesn’t look like a real driving game at all. It likes a test that challenges your reactivity and hand-eye coordination. Your main goal at friv games is to pass by as many cars as possible. If you accidentally crash into a car, you lose. With each car you pass by successfully, you earn 1 point. It seems that only your car moves in the road and other cars stay still.

However, it doesn’t everything will be easy. You have to react fast to avoid each of them without causing any accidents. How far you can go to this interesting game? It’s all up to you. Your car auto moves. The only thing you do is to use your finger or your mouse to drag your car to the left or right to avoid other vehicles. On http://friv.land/, the road has 3 lanes and basically, you move among 3 lanes to keep your life safe and hopefully your adventure will last longer and you can set a record.

Set a record to break it later is fun but challenging as well. Don’t forget to collect coins along the way to buy a new car in the store. These cars are different in color and they have the same stats. So, a new car which is more expensive than the existing one doesn’t give you any bonuses or help you get more scores. Do you like games like this? Check out other options and immerse yourself in the game world with Barber Shop! and Gold Mine Strike Christmas.

Instructions: Use your mouse to avoid crashing.

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