Tinto GamePlay:

Tinto is a simple and enjoyable 2D platform game that brings you to a great adventure of your life with Tinto. Here, you will accompany Tinto and help him go through tons of deadly obstacles safely like what you always do in other platform games at friv Games to play. Only 8 levels are available but it’s enough for you to have a great gaming time. In the short break time, it’s not ideal to play a game that takes up a lot of time, right?

To finish a level, you have to lead Tinto to the yellow flag safely. To reach that goal, all you need to do is to run and jump over all deadly traps and enemies. You have 5 lives. You lose 1 life when you touch an enemy but the game is over when you hit the trap or fall into the gaps. Be careful with each jump. You should time your action to make a perfect time for each jump. Sometimes, you make a single jump but sometimes, you need to take advantage of double jumps to keep your life safe.

There is the same rule to most platformers at friv5. That is the next level is unlocked once the current one is complete. Talking about enemies, you don’t have any weapons to kill them and you also can’t jump onto their heads to defeat them. The only way to deal with enemies is to jump over them. The challenging level of this game increases slightly as you level up.

If you’re looking for a game that gives you enough gaming time in your short break, here is one of the best options, or you can check out other choices such as Chicken KoRinos Quest 2Red Ball HoPopo Singer and Tob vs Kov 2.


Right/left or AD to move, W or up arrow key to jump.

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